Corporate Governance
Share Holding Pattern
Listing of Stock Exchange
Notice to Share Holders
Investor Grievance
Code of Conduct for Non-Executive  Directors
Code of Conduct
Disclosure of Events


Allotment of Equity Shares

CO-GEN 14.01.2016


Outcome of Meeting  


Board Meeting Notice Dt.03.02.2016


Conversion of Warrants into equity Shares


Appointment of Director

Notice of the listing Agreement

Outcome of Board Meeting


Riga Sugar Postal Ballot Riga Sugar Ballot Notice


AGM Dt 30.09.16 Scuritinizer Report

AGM Dt.30.09.16 Voting Result

AGM Dt 29.09.15 Scuritinizer Report

EGM Dt 29.09.15 Scuritinizer Report